Artist from Los Andes University with emphasis on Media Arts, M1 in Art History, M2 in Electronic Arts. He participated as an associated researcher in the “Documents of the 20th Century Latin American and Latino Art Project”; coordinated by the International Center for the Arts of the Americas, registered office of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas (USA). His research focuses on the creation and construction of historical memory at different levels, focusing itself on the transition of the individual to the collective, exploring Colombian History. In this sense his work seeks to point out the different relationships where the medium can be understood as evidenced or a key element for the construction of discourse.

His work has been exhibited in several shows in Museums and Galleries in Bogotá, Manizales, Medellín, Buenos Aires, Ciudad Juarez, Berlin, Tokyo and Madrid. He has contributed to publications such as Errata#, Astrolabio and Cronopio Magazine, and has been invited as a lecturer and a workshop leader at institutions such as the MAMBO– Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá – and various events such as the International Image Festival and ISEA – conducted by the University of Caldas – and Plataforma Bogota.

He has been awarded nationally and internationally within the framework of the Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño`s Young talents Show 2015, the First Call for Electronic Arts, sponsored by the Outsiders Art Foundation in Madrid, the JustMad6 (2015) Art Fair, the Feria del Millón´s  Argos Excellence Award and the Es Cultura Local Call (2020) offered by Idartes – District´s institute for the Arts – in Bogotá.

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