Lena Mc Carthy

Lena “Mac” McCarthy (b. Boston, 1992) is an American visual artist primarily painting, making large scale murals and printmaking. In 2016 she began painting in the streets while living in Chile and has since continued to paint in public spaces across the world. Her work ranges from ephemeral and informal street paintings to large scale mural works.

She has participated in numerous mural festivals in the US, Mexico and India and been an artist in residence with the Dripped on the Road traveling residency. In 2021 she constructed a large scale solo exhibition of her paintings and installation in Project B gallery (Framingham, MA).

Her work explores mindfulness, internal states and the divine feminine. With abstracted forms inspired by nature and symbols, she creates metaphorical spaces that contemplate the spiritual and mysterious aspects of the world around us.

Lena lives and works in Boston as well as around the world.

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